The new project I've been assigned to at work is using flex-box. I've always heard such great things but not had the chance/got around to trying it.

So far I absolutely hate it. Anyone else?

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    You'll need to learn to love it !
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    You need to clear your mind before you learn it ;))
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    CSS-Tricks has a great article on flexbox: https://css-tricks.com/snippets/...

    I like flexbox, but whenever I've tried to use it in projects, Safari < v9 has flipped its shit and completely broken the site, even though caniuse.com says it supports flexbox. And as we have to support every single fucking browser, I never got to use it.

    No Bootstrap columns with dynamic heights, only fixed heights and hiding overflowing text :(

    No problems in Safari 10...
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    @JTBringe Safari... The NEW Internet Explorer
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    I like flexbox also. Its a very nice thing. Especially when you want to make your site responsive. Its a little bit hard in the beginning, but afther your learned how to use it and stuff, it becomes very easy to use and you will play with it. 😛
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    Flexbox is the best thing happened to css
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    @tahnik that's what I hear.
    Perhaps another time though. I was tired of getting no where with it and just went back to using what I know.
    5 minutes later I was submitting a commit.
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