My collegue:

- Is it file.php or file_new.php that are in use?

If you could take the time to learn git then we wouldn't have these questions all the time.

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    Never ever append "new" to a file name. This only causes confusion and especially in code it can have side effects if you rename things later on. Call the old one "old" instead if you must. Better yet remove the old file entirely (git has it), or append v1, v2 and so on.
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    git would have it if he someday could start to use git. I gave up, tomorrow is my last day
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    Do people who don't know git actually get devjobs?? I'm astounded. (Student here)
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    @disolved well in some way they do.

    This one one is self-employed and friend with my boss, so I just gave up and let him do all the dev stuff :(

    I handled all the servers, and this is finally my last day here. Unfortunately not for a dev job. But I will always have my hobby projects
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