Wow I guess functional programming is “too complicated” lol

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    Assume you are learning Programming from scratch

    Keeping the comparisons with other paradigms aside helps a lot
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    @asgs nah yeah I get it, but this is basically what I was told today
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    @phat-lasagna anything is complicated when poorly taught.

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    @phat-lasagna when you’re so deep in the OOP paradigm everything not that is alien and impossible to wrap your head around… it seems.

    Just had that. One of my colleagues tried to implement a feature the functional way, because they were interested in FP, probably thanks to me and my big mouth. A few days in they come to me complaining how it’s nice for small things but once you’re doing something big, it becomes a clusterfuck. I take a look at their code and go oh yeah, of course it’s gonna become a clusterfuck when you try to do FP the OOP way. They can be married together, but not like this…
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