I recently got rejected for a couple of jobs I was going for, no dramas they both wanted someone with a bit more experience.

They both returned feedback which I like, much better than getting ghosted.

But one of them said that they didn’t “see any enthusiasm for IT/Technology throughout the interview”

This annoyed me a little as I’m not entirely sure how they measured this I’ve the course of a 40 minute teams meeting. Especially given my work and study history etc.

Has anyone else ever had anything like this given as part of a reason why you didn’t get a job, and if so did you do anything to rectify it or just ignore it as meaningless feedback?

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    @mansur85 these guys weren’t HR, it was a dev team leader and one of the project managers.

    I can only think it’s because between my family and studying (mature student doing a degree in software development) I don’t have time to go to conferences or do much work on side projects etc.

    I mean I’ve spent the last 20 years working in it and the last 5 working my way to my current dev job. Not sure what else they wanted to see.
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    Sometimes generic feedback means they don't want to give an answer, but there's something else they don't want to tell you.

    Which is often about not airing their dirty laundry too
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    @zarathustra Sourcecode from your current workplace!!!
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    Shiu@Crost the whole company is badly mismanaged, they need the new devs to CYA themself.
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    @max19931 I think my current employer might have something to say if I started sharing their source code about.
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