X: Hi, regarding that ticket that you made...

You said "Implement logging to find out the culprit in site generation"...

What do you mean exactly?

Me: "Read the meeting notes, we had a full discussion on this 2 weeks ago".

X: "We don't understand it..."

Me: "As I said before, I have no experience in this tech stack... I'd expect bla to have a logging framework and I'd - for easier recognition - implement additional logging levels based on criteria <me just reading the meeting notes>"

X: But how do we do it?


I wish I had invented this discussion.

Because it hurts.

For the jolly of it, I had similar discussions today.

Three times to be exactly.

As I asked some dev what I should do next, put a foley catheter up his urethra or change the bed pan he wasn't amused.

Guess I'll get monday a call of HR.

So Monday I have less work to do, which is awesome.

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    "So how do I do that?"
    "What is your job, again?"
    "Code monkey"
    "So - use some monkey code to solve?"
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    Could be worse.

    They could demand you do it their way and have no clue how to actually do it.

    "Hookup CloudWatch to your Aurora DB and run your Lambdas synchronously so it can be thrown into your SQS topic and saved into your S3 queue."

    I deal with non-technical managers telling me how to do my job every day.

    It's tiring... But I'll get paid the same regardless.

    I usually just do the minimum to prove how stupid they are, jerk off for a couple days under the guise it's taking longer than expected due to some technical issues and then setup a meeting where they need to explain how this is supposed to work. I then show them it doesn't work that way.

    Then they usually tell me I need to get it done with a threatening overtone.

    You would think they would learn, but I've done this over 8 times in the last 6 months.

    Microdicks gonna dick.
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    @sariel the thing is that I'm the manager and they're devs.

    At least that's what's written in their job contract...
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    "how do i do it?"
    "do you see the big rectangular plate in front of you on which there's lots of small rectangular buttons? bash on those until the lights on the panel in front of you look the way we nees them to look."
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    LOL. I love you. I hope you don’t get fired. ♥️😂
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