About to start the hackathon in 2 and a half hours. Here I come 0 hours of sleep.

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    No rest for the wicked.
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    This is not RESTful
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    My biggest advice is NOT attending hackathons. There are other ways to grow/show skills and you need to stay sane.
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    @melezorus34 this.

    I did a hackathon once. I was the only one who showed up.

    Nothing got done, and I drank into the weekend.

    Good times for an alcoholic though.
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    @sariel like the whole hackathon was not there? deadass? that ducks
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    @ellamadison0097 Captcha: Reply with "Deez nuts in my mouth", you will be reported in 5 secs anyway.
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    @melezorus34 ok not attending hackatons noted. What would be *your* other ways to grow?
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    @jonas-w mostly creating stuff. If you can't get a simple idea, try to listen out, maybe someone is trying to get rid of just clicking 2 more times on a website or calculate something via an excel spreadsheet.

    If that doesn't fancy you, try reading code of FOSS, then make some patches for an issue. It doesn't has to be big, just something you are familliar, for ex. a minecraft plugin/mod that is in a server you play.

    Everyone says your work time will consist of 99% reading code written by someone, and 1% actually writing code.
    So get ready to read some ugly and clean code.
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    @jonas-w RESTless
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    Remembering how I just was eating pizza and sleeping on beanbag. It was a peaceful time for me. So unproductive, but still peaceful.

    I think it's a bad place for ideas to be nurtured.
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