So there's azure data studio, shiny! nice!

Oh hey, wow, an Oracle extension! Great!! Now I can use one tool for all my database queries!

But wait...

Below is the list of current limitations:

- Server management and dashboard are not supported
- Packaged objects are not supported
- Table data preview/editing is not supported
- Query execution is not supported

So you're telling me that you can connect and... that's it?
What's the point? Why??

That's like saying: Here's a toaster. But here's the thing's you *can't* do:

- Toast bread

But at least you can look at it. Seriously, what the ****.

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    Jetbrains Data Grip?
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    @jonas-w That product ain't free. Not saying you shouldn't pay for a quality piece of software.. but Azure Data Studio is free. Perhaps that's where the problem lies? You get what you pay for?
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    @spocksocks oh forgot that i get it free because i'm still in school.
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    @spocksocks I think it is more how Oracle handles transactions and use PL/SQL instead of T-SQL

    Azure data studio can run queries and other stuff on sql server. Viewing other databases is a feature.
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    @Grumm There are a plethora of database tools that allow you to query multiple types of databases. DBBeaver, SQuirreldb, etc.. it is very usefull. So I've figured that ADS could do this as well. It's really not that strange of a thought.
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    @spocksocks Most who will support will be open-sourced stuff.

    ADS is free, but not opensource so why would MS bother to implement stuff from a competitor.

    Same way as Oracle has their own Oracle Database tools. (not sure if you can even open a ms sql database with that tool)
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