I have a billion projects that i want to host online. Does anyone have a good tutorial for hosting python projects, flask based web-apps, and just simple websites using aws or some other hosting service?

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    You can get a VPS for like $5 and use it as the host. It's pretty much just a Linux VM somewhere in a data center.

    With that many projects I feel like you should look into containers (Docker might be the easiest to start with). You will probably also want to use a reverse proxy, like Nginx Proxy Manager. Reddit r/selfhosted should have enough info to get you started
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    At least AWS has pretty decent user guides and tutorials on how to do smth like that on their platform. I’m pretty sure a quick search would also result in tons of tutorials…
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    That should mean in the order of magnitude of one clock cycle per project per second on contemporary CPUs, so you might want to look into building a datacenter.
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