Why the fuck do we have THIRTEEN environments dedicated to dev and test, all for the same items?

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    *snorting even more cocaine*

    just in case amazon and google AND azure fails, with our VDS backups also failing, we will have a fallback server.

    You know, just in case.

    (fyi: more cocaine everytime you last read it)
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    @melezorus34 cocaine you say?
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    13 environment? Huh?
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    We need it *emotional tantrum*

    (Not that it makes any sense and that the maintenance burden is extremely high, thus there is no value - all it does is burning money....)
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    Because ... REASONS!

    *slams doors*

    *background sounds of something collapsing*

    *slowly opening doors*

    ...okay, there might be one too many.
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    @theKarlisK ...good news is we got rid of one.
    Bad news... it was the current one.
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    @melezorus34 LTS version for the win 💪
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