That moment when your server is so messed up you can only blame the devil.

So you throw away your stupid atheism, begin believing in jesus and you do an exorcism on your server.

You server still sucks, it's obviously because earth is flat and the instruction set of the CPU is meant for a round earth that never existed...

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    You should have been running JesusScript.
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    And Devil be like : " what the fuck did I do to you? You human do those shits on your own, stop giving me credit of your stupidity."
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    If you think about it all technology is a collection of people's wills. Someone decided to create standards and protocols and then build upon existing standards and protocols. And build upon those and so on...

    There's bound to be some conflicting wills in there, and unintentional consequences happening from time to time with programs running amok in trillions of lines of code. Spooky is only natural.
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