I can barely code properly while sober. Why would I introduce drunkenness into that equation? If drinking impairs driving heavy machinery, by what logic would it do anything to improve writing code?

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    You mean you've never hit the "Ballmer Peak"? You need to drink more!

    Unless of course you write software for nuclear reactors or something else that actually matters...
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    It depends on level of intoxication...

    Alcohol makes me stay awake, most likely due to its fucking around with insulin...

    Though I'm against working and drinking, sometimes it's a great way to turn the brain off for a short moment (enjoying the taste… taking a breather) and then in a final attempt like the last attack on sauron trying to tackle the problem.

    If that doesn't work, fuck the problem.

    Give it to someone else :) delegate ©
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    The idea, to my understanding, is that you think less about the style and take more risks. But you need to be in that zone, it's pretty touchy
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    My personal opinion is that this affects people with some sort of Attention deficit disorder more than normal folk. If you lack Attention than alcohol can make your Attention improve because it makes your proximity senses less sharp.

    That's my hypothesis at least
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