For all those who post pictures of their screen taken with phone camera (and we all know how crappy that usually looks), there is something called Snipping Tool! As simple as it gets.. Use it ✂😉

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    There is always this...
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    Yeah...do that and then obfuscate the entire screen 😂, because you gotta be showing code when you're taking pictures 😂😂
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    For all linux users here I recommend Shutter!
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    I used to think that too.
    But then i realised it's just too much work to take screenshot and transfer it to mobile..
    Most of people are using the app on phone.
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    @treeroot true, but there is also a WebApp, and personally, if I'm already sitting in front of my computer it doesn't make a difference if I log in on phone or web. I just like "pretty" pictures 😅
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