Ngl I'm glad I found this community full of people who complain. I'm not even joking I'm legitimately glad that I can complain without being reprimanded lol

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    I herewith reprimand you.

    Just so that you can also complain about being reprimanded. :)
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    Don't worry, you can always ask for a good spanking now and then 😉

    The thing I love this community for?

    We can say whatever we want and hate on each other, but at the end of the day we're all devs with jobs we hate and idiots we work with.

    We're one big dysfunctional family.
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    @sariel We're rpetty functional except for the app.
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    @zlice it took me a while to get that it’s not meant to be equal or greater than zero 😅
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    I know where u work
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    Swnd moar doots, mate.
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    @scor & @CruN
    And welcome, btw.
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    @scor thanks
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