hmm let's see
>atheist propaganda during lunch time
>fascist propaganda during lunch time
>praising the rival of the football team boss supports
>suggesting we should drink alcohol in work hours
>teaching minecraft to boss' son
>talking bad about star wars VII even though boss liked it

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    Star Wars was great so that's 1 thing wrong 😂😉
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    This is great you are already baseline annoying, if you fuck up people will think you did it on purpose! Never fired!
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    @ScribeOfGoD wanna discuss?
    here are my points
    >built death star 3 times, failed 3 times
    >droid isnt as cool as r2d2
    >bad guys led by an amateur sith fanboy
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    @yugi it was much more than a dearth star this time. To be fair, this is the first star wars movie in quite a number of years. They're just shaking the dust for of the franchise. Like everything they'll be parts people won't like. Doesn't mean it was a bad movie
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    @ScribeOfGoD they should've called it star wars recap, not a new movie though.
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    @yugi it wasn't really a recap though. Eveyones older, new characters, old characters died, new story line to be
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