A friend of mine went to her boss and said that she will quit if she won't get 50% salary raise - boss said ok. She told about it her working colleague so he went to the boss and said 50% or I'll quit - boss said cleanup your desk...

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    Bad shit happen to good people my friend!
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    @imhashir that guy was not good (neither person nor dev) he was just greedy
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    Reminds me of my mother. She is a manager at one of the bigger IT companies in south Africa.

    People frequently come and say, "give me an increase or I'll leave". Sad thing is that when retrenchments come, they are the first to get picked.
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    @ragnarr023 when you are leading a team/company loyal people are the most important asset - if you can not trust your team-member you have a huge issue. So if someone says that she/he will leave if you will not give her/him $$$ you are not in a good spot.That is why I would fire that kind of person as soon as possible (possibly at the end of a project).
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    @rantalicious this story is not about the money but the way one choose to negotiate. I was supporting people to get bigger rises when they proved they earned them - not when they threaten that they'll leave.
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