Started sniffing the packets on a public wifi hotspot. Found someone was reading TheHackerNews and got excited.😲 Later realised it was myself. 😯

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    Go Hack Yourself 😄
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    Hello me, meet the real me 😂
    Sorry, that was the first thing that popped to my mind 😂
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    Using wireshark? How can I see html content with the packets I received?

    Or you can refer a guide to monitor packets? Our college wifi requires authentication but my browser says its unsecure so theoretically I can snoop passwords right? The thing is our college give only 800mb per user id per day, thats lame :/
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    Giys this is interesting I know. But on https (ssl) you shouldnt be able to read the encrypted traffic. And also promiscuous mode might be disabled on certain routers, so youll only read your own traffic. Plus it's illegal, just DBAA. Have fun
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    @DotM hello me, it's me again
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    @nicholai Nice one :D Wasn't sure anyone was gonna pick up on that HaHa. Or even get a response for it, for that matter 🙃
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    How did you do it?
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