I charmed the graphic designer and we "hung out" a lot at my place during lunch.

The graphic designer was the boss' daughter.

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    @cypherPunk I never got fired. I never got a promotion either. I didn't really care either because I hated living there. I was only there because it was the closest job I could find to my girlfriend at the time. Who was not the graphic designer mentioned above.

    Not my proudest years but not the most boring either.
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    @fyroc dude I really want to hear tales of how you handle multiple projects at the same time! You seem to have a natural knack for juggling multiple balls!
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    @fyroc dude you totally got to tell us more. don't leave us hanging. (when I say us I mean me but royally cause who doesn't refer to themselves in prular am I right)
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    @codeRetard Juggling multiple projects is easy when you see one of them only on the weekends and is 3 hours away from the job.
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    @200OK to me, you're the boss.
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