Most useless feature:

Once we had to create a Learning Manager System to a small university. One of the (useful) features was a "file system" to people upload, organize and share documents (like a Google Drive prototype). This was the "student portfolio".

However, we had to create a page to act as a "cover" to it, that should allow the student to change the background, add exactly 2 images, and up to 9 "post-its". The image shows the notebook of our client while he was thanking us praising it as the greatest innovation of the decade.

The post-its was kinda nice, but what's the point of those images??

Anyway... On the same meeting of that picture the client asked us to include a "canvas" on that same page, so people could draw whatever they want. The words used was "just like [MS] Paint".

We postponed it, hoping he would forget about it, but on the end of the project he was still asking about it.

I found a lib that did the job and integrated with the project, but I also included a long comment for the next devs saying that I'm sorry they would have to support such thing πŸ˜…

The client loved but we never knew anyone that really used that Paint

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    Let's see.... free-style paint on a student-accessed website... time to pen15 was probably 3 seconds after launch.
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    @00-GTX-00 Doesn't matter. As long as there is any way of communication, there is juvenile content. Just accept that boys are boys and let em draw their penises if they really want to express themselves that way...
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    This seems so american or 2000s college girl vibes
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