Where and How do you make developer friends.

My coworkers are smart and decent developers but they learned on the job for the job.

But they're not interested in discussing improvements to legacy projects that barely still work until they break and we need to rush to recreate them 'better'.
or sit on a call on the weekend working on spontaneous personal projects that usually die cause another idea came along.

Sometimes I really just want someone I can hop on a discord call with so they can criticize my projects and brainstorm ideas and improvements with me

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    Give me a repo link and 2-4 business days and I'll criticise the hell out of it.
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    You don't.

    If you aren't happen to work on a massive R&D campus you will not have any chances of meeting other devs from your region. You can try visiting conferences of your fields. But normally that doesn't lead to friendships.

    That most devs are really more of the shy introvert type probably doesn't help. But the real cause seems to be that there just aren't that many actual devs.

    Maybe society is ripe for a Tinder for non-sexual and non-romantic relationships...
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    @Oktokolo devConnect.io
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