currently thinking about asking my boss if I can make a training / qualification for scrum master.

when PM is trying so hard to shove *his* scrum down our throats and at the same time tries to block any scrum-related criticism of team members that question his behavior as SM AND PO, then maybe convincing my boss to become the new SM and shoving ALL the scrum down the PMs throat is the only chance to have a (bit more) bearable working environment in this project.
in my opinion, he has too much power.

whatcha think? any SMs here, and do you like what you are doing?

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    devs should have all the power, and managers should only be allowed to direct that power.
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    If you can't beat 'em join 'em?
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    Dolphins could be a great inspiration: they can sleep with half of their brain.
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    @CodingPeasant yes, and my SCHRECKENSREGIME will be a happier one for (almost) everybody 😊💕
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    @Fast-Nop might be tired from work, but right now i'm unable to digest this information lol
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    @soull00t You could lower your IQ by 50% and see whether that's enough reduction to be accepted for that kind of job - but without the otherwise standard brain surgery. ^^
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    PM can't be a scrum master. Period.
    SM job is to make sure the Agile process as defined by the delivery team actually works.
    PM translates Client feedback to highlevel specs.
    Dev and QA takes the high level specs, together with the PM and breaks it down to stories and MVP, and then put an esyimates on them. Then work can start on the actual stories. When done and delivered, Team checks if estimates were correct, and then retro the whole thing.
    Note something here: The SM is not a part of this delivery processes. He does not write Specs. He does not break down stories. Does not care about the team estimates. He does.not write code, or test things. He only cares about the process, and making sure the team follow the proccess.
    A PM being A Scrum Master is a problem bc he can now redefine the process as it suits him. Just Don't.
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    This is how I imagine you asking for SCRUM training.
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