For a project I'm working on:

Does your work allow you to sign in to your personal accounts for i.e. Gmail or Facebook on your work device?
Do you think this should be allowed?
Do you do it yourself?

I imagine it's a gray area. I'm even thinking it could be a security risk? But maybe healthier too to keep business and private life separate? Thoughts?

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    Ive got my personal email open but thats bout it. If i need anything else like social media then i use my phone
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    @Stuxnet do you think this using of your private acc could theoretically be labeled "unsafe"? I mean imagine a less tech savvy person does this?
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    For me work devices double as personal devices. Both laptop and phone.
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    as far as I can tell, all my colleagues have Youtube, Spotify or even Netflix open in the background while at the office.
    That aside, I don't see what would make one social network account less safe than another. As long as you don't save company passwords in your personal google account or something.
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