Looking to get another keyboard and would like to hear some recommendations. I’d like something low profile if possible. Currently using a Keychron K3, which I do really like but I would also like to try something new.

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    Any cheap Microsoft keyboard. Yes, I’m serious.
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    cherry stream

    a nice rubberdome that i just fell in love with. can't really understand the hype around mechanical keyboards.

    pretty affordable, awailable wired, wireless, and wireless+usb-chargeable
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    Getting a low profile mechanical keyboard is hard. Imho Keychon still has one of the best low profile mechanical keyboard.

    If you want to try smth new, go with optical one, more fluent typing imho.

    Keychon K1
    Logitech G915 TKL
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    Logitech MX Mechanical. Very good quality, good features, discrete.
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    Logi MX Keys, surprisingly comfortable.

    Bit like an Apple keyboard, so an aquired taste (unless you're one of those "if it's Apple, it's awesome" zombies).
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    Well, Keychron K3... Maybe you'd rather change the switches on it for a new feel?
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