They call Python, C, Java, Ruby, and stuff like that programming 'LANGUAGES' for a reason. I just wrote a Python dictionary literal in my C# code and was clueless as to why it was failing to compile for five minutes straight. Maybe that was because I was working with Python like 30 minutes ago.
It's like I have to have one 'brain' per one language and need to switch between such 'brains' to write code in another language. And such switches take time.

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    Same as when someone Talks in english to you even though you are german and your brain needs to switch to english and hangs
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    @jonas-w I have no problem talking german to my daughter or family and english to my wife or coworkers. But when a coworker wants to speak german with me it's like I didn't speak it for years.
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    I keep switching back and forth between English and Hungarian. They have nothing in common, not the rules, not the words, not the phonetic range. I sometimes substitute words if the English version comes to me quicker. I regularly respond to a Hungarian question in English. On occasion I accidentally talk to my British friends in Hungarian, which sounds like a mix of Turkish and Russian but on the Russian side in tone.
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    Well, maybe I suck at switching language (whatever language it may be) quickly after all. I just remembered that one time I accidentally spoke Japanese in English accent to Japanese people and confused the f*<k out of them.
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    I always use 'elif' instead of 'else if' in every other language because I'm just too used to python.
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