My first rant. Woohoo!

Honestly I do the whole shebang ussualy depending on what the needs are from network to servers to coding because for some reason nobody has any technical experience where I work.
I just started app development for a gamedev startup and I am in sheer awe of the amount of transpiling/compiling etc that needs to be done for an multiplatform app for iOS and android with js(x)/typescript, html, css.

I remember when I could just write some spaghetti code to make it working by following a couple of tutorials. Then refractoring and testing it for a couple of hours and be done with it. push it into production.

Now I am lost having to learn OOP, functional programming, reactjs, react native, express, webpack, mongodb, babel, and the list goes on and on...
Why not just make a new backend that does all of that in another language which supports all of that.

I have no formal education in programming/coding and the last time I learned JS it was just some if else, switches and simple dom manipulation.

I just want to get to coding a freakin' game but I have to learn JSX for the front and typescript on the backend.

I am this close to going back to ye ol' lamp stack and quitting this job. 😥

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    Woohoo! Welcome. How about learning unity or unreal for games?
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    Nice dats the journey of a programmer never stop learning
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    @CozyPlanes I don't know how unreal performs on mobile but I seem to recall that unity ate batery for breakfest.

    I'll look into unreal as an option though, but I've already jumped ship from phonegap to cordava etc. to eventually decide as someone without knowledge that being able to native functionality easily whilest keeping it simple react native would be the best as I already had a somewhat decent understanding of javascript/html/css basics.
    I normally hide behind my glorious backend and let someone else handle frontend but since I'm alone in this my bussines partner dealling with bussines part of things as he can't and won't program.
    To keep costs down I use my own pc as a server which getto as fuck but works till we get some money flowing.
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    @arrowsoft I never want to stop learning but normally when I pickup a framework or something I have the basics down within a day or two.

    This doesn't seem like it will go down that easy. I'll keep hitting my head against the wall till I get it though.

    There probably have been a thousand other rants just like this but I had to share it with someone.
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    @rootshell just understand the basics , the rest are just complex use of the basics, I learnt MySQL, but keep forgetting the complex part, I don't panic, because I knew the basics, so if I want to write a complex query I consult the cheatsheet , dats just it, with this u could learn 50 languages, but try to read design patterns more and implement it
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