Just to show you.

The overhead between actual SQL requests and the stack :

.Net 6 =>
Web API =>
EntityFramework core 6 =>
(middleware) GraphQl.EntityFramework =>
GraphQl =>

Seems a lot ? Yep. But actually... that shit just scales. More sql requests will not cost much. And this stack will take care of generating optimal querry better than me by hand.

(These querries on screenshot are fairly complex).

I like it. So, so much checks done for me and front end people love it too ! They don't need to open a tiocket when they need a new field.

So, /adpoted by me.

PS : And pair it with Blazor, miam.

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    Very nice

    I had to build an API recently, nothing as complex as this, but I absolutely loved that I didn't have to think about table joins and shit like that for the backend. Instead all of that was taken care of by EF.

    I just needed to tie everything together in the objects and then context save.
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