Last week, after ransomware hit. Whole week (including the weekend) just to sleep and get back to office.

The director's words still give me shivers "This is taking too long, can't you just write and pay them already?"

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    Man I'd love to sleep at work.

    That's not working through straight.

    How is having days off the only interception of a work day?
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    @scor My english is quite broken it seems.
    I did work for the whole week to restore the damn system including overtime.

    I didn't sleep in the office tho, that was the best part, finally getting back home and sleeping in own comfy bed for the 6 hours I had ^^
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    @g3t0r Found a backup, but it was infected. Ended up rebuilding all services and reinstalling the database. It's fairly alright now.
    There is a golden rule every IT admin should follow. You do not negotiate with terrorists ;)
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    @jespersh But the thrill never stops :D
    But in all seriousness, it's a bitch that my company avoids cloud services like a plague. So we are our own shitty data center 😔
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