Why the FUCK does this bloated Ubuntu rotten swamp corps of a former beautiful Debian always, really ALWAYS, FUCK UP distro upgrades!! Which retarded spoon shagger at Canonical came to the conclusion it were a good idea to release every 6 month, regardless of the inability to actually update this crap?!? My other systems run Arch since their first install back in 2009, still clean and up-to-date systems!!!!

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    I thought that I'm the only one that can't get a proper distro upgrade.
    I partitioned the disk with separate partition for /home and it makes it very easy to upgrade or even change the distribution.
    That means that I have to reinstall all the custom apps, but I can stand it.

    Back to you - if you think that debian is better, why not install it instead of using ubuntu?
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    @tamar company policy ...
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    Mint. I'm loving it
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