We just offered two other women jobs at where I work....
Half the department is going to be female!!
.... Shoot how do you talk to girls again it's been so long

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    Just pretend they're dudes with long hair, boobs, and no penis... You know, human.
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    Are they hot?
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    OK, a quick tutorial on how to talk to women:
    Step 1) Don't

    That'll be 50$ please

    Seriously though: just talk to them as if they were humans
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    Just assume you won't have sex with any of them and you will stop to worry about this (conscious or not). Look them in the face when talking to, check their ass and boobs when they are busy with something else (will likely notice anyway). Those with bitchy attitude treat like annoying males.
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    Guys I'm a straight female.
    I just never see any other girls my age that's all
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    @adorkable ppl like to think dirty lol
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    @adorkable I know this is super late but I remember seeing this :D
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