A month ago, I moved to Germany for work from Taiwan. People here are mostly nice and firendly. But if you don't speak German, there will still be lots of problems especially for official paper works.

But most importantly I got really cool and talented colleagues and a challenging job. Which makes me happy at least in work days.

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    You must understand that most Germans are very provincial. Most, not all. But something different for them is something they're afraid of. Same for Austria, where I'm from.
    Good luck on your endeavors though!
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    @max-dng I agree with you. provincial is an accurate word in some ways.
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    I got a quedtionaire to determine wether I'm really self-employed or employed (taxes and stuff)

    It took me at least two hours to understand every question correctly

    And I'm a native speaker.

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    Welcome to germany. Wich town you are at?
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    @DataJockey I live/work in Cologne now.
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    First rule of cologne: keep an armlength distance :-D
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    And have a Koelsch ... or two ... or three... or more.
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    @CWins is it new year's eve again?
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    @max-dng yes, provincial, but afraid of new things? I wouldn't really go they far.
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    I thought they got rid of paperwork when they got rid of the nazis?
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