I watched the news recently and they talked about cyber security.

To demonstrate "how serious the topic is" they showed a screen with a terminal and literally pinged google.com.

I thought that was funny

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    What was that supposed to do? Just "look cool" ? :D
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    what kind of clown knows how to open a terminal and use ping, but also thinks that demonstrates some sort of cyber security topic?

    oh, yes, very dangerous, ports open at 80 everywhere in the world!!! EVERYWHERE!!! can't believe even google missed this simple trick to close access to port 80!!!!!

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    To be fair, that could be an exploited rce confirming there are 2 things in the breached system:
    - icmp is not disabled [a variety of vectors available]
    - the breached instance has most likely unfiltered access to the internet [let's use this instance for proxying/dos'ing or just whatever we may need internet for]

    both are very useful for continuing an attack
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    No nmap?! then it wasn't actually about hacking or anything cyber...
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    The terminal view for regular people remind them of hacking scenes in films.
    They should have used some npm install. Would have been sexier and longer scene (much longer)
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    @ganjdalf Is that man wearing a lampshade?
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    @AmyShackles lol think it’s a hoodie! Don’t we all wear a Guy Fawkes mask and pop up your hoodie when we’re working in the shell? 😂
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