Sooo, today someone who is not my manager or anywhere in the hierarchy leading to me threatened me and told me that I need to prove either one of 2 software solutions providers they're working with to be at fault about an issue or "I will be at risk"... I just kept it to myself and took my things and left.
I didn't want to inform my boss cuz he just took a vacation today and he'd probably break the consulting contract with them.
What would you do in such case?

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    I'd forward to my boss and ignore.
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    @spongessuck he said it verbally to my face, if I had it on email it would be either me or him in that building.
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    Then I'd say "I can't spend time on something unless a request comes in through the normal channels."
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    @spongessuck that's what I decided for now... No more friendly treatment, you wanna say good morning? Send it on email. Until I decide how far I wanna take it without causing any issues to my boss
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