Started 3 weeks ago, some devs left already, more devs are leaving, the place seems nice tho //confused

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    You must stink
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    Did you start as a manager?
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    First impressions can be misleading, whether good or bad.
    I didn’t have a good first impression of where I’m currently working. Didn’t see myself sticking around there for more than a year.
    It’s now been three years! It hasn’t always been pink and rosy. I’ve been given substantial responsibilities and it’s allowed me to learn and grow.
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    How’s the tech stack? Maybe that’s the reason?
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    Haha, this apparently started before I joined. I'm not a manager and the tech stack is ok, office is nice, WFH 2 days a week, no one seems to be stressed, people know their stuff. And sprints are well structured and organized.

    Yesterday another person gave notice.
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    @turtlegreen now I’m confused
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    Maybe employees not getting the raises they were asking for?
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    @black-kite I think this may be the only explanation left
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