Backend Team : No one want to listen to technical details. A short 2 min demo what we have done.
Shareholders : Have you done anything?

Frontend Team : half an hour demo of validators and fields that sum values from other fields
Shareholders: Wow that is awesome, great job, nice to see, great value, lot of progress.

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    just tell them you added bluetooth support. Shareholders love bluetooth support
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    Sounds like the frontend team gets to take all the fame for everything but I guess much of their work depends on your work.

    Maybe you should not have separate demos as its the FE things that are visible.

    We do not separate FE and BE when doing demos, we demo features without going into how much was FE and how much was FE
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    proof that most "frontend" devs are actually doing programming with a backend mindset
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    So recognizable, so true
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