I’m too dumb to learn frontend frameworks.
I’m a backend developer, not the greatest but I get the work done. I can understand different programming languages even if I don’t write in them, you just understand basic principles and know what’s going on.
I can do some work in HTML, CSS and some JS.
But what the hell is with those popular frontend frameworks. I thought I pretty much understand how it works, so started doing some crap on my own, some pretty responsive navbar with dropdowns to start. Nevermind a million of npm packages to just start working and some weird errors in website source (“JavaScript is not enabled”, I spent few hours trying to fix it, but it’s just there, everything is working fine even with this message there). I have pretty navbar, nice, time to add dropdown.
Nope, not working. Maybe classic css solution?
Ok, time to Google. What do I find? A million of npm dependencies that provide dropdowns, for some you need to pay, wtf.
But I want to write one on my own.
Found few tutorials that wasn’t even remotely helpful, it’s like with the online recipes, “when I was growing up on the farm…” and then something that it’s not working.
Finally found some nice looking tutorial, was following that and then.. it ended. It was maybe half of the solution, dude forgot about some components and just left.
I quit, I’m going back to writing jsp, my brain is too smooth for frontend frameworks

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    About the JS error, is the message enclosed between two <noscript> tags? If so, its the html that is rendered when js is disabled by the user, that's all.

    For the rest... I get you. I've always done frontend and I must admit that's not always easy to understand frameworks, especially when you come from a different background.

    Also, googling for solutions is asking for troubles sometimes, especially for most used frameworks. What you just found is exactly what's wrong with the JS ecosystem: tons of junior developers publishing their libraries and making video tutorials about things that probably they didn't even get well. Tons of copypaste between stupid, bloated blogs.
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    @dmonkey yeah, also i think that starting with vue wasn’t the best idea. I switched to Next.js and it’s a lot better when it comes to troubleshooting and just general informations, as looks like React is better documented overall and people with actual experience are creating some useful content
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