Riddle me this

Client wants solution based on open source software.

Any additional software that I write (let's say, an offline store plugin for Feast feature store) to add missing functionality has to be closed source.

Fuck you. Intellectual property my ass. You and me wouldn't even have projects if it werent for OSS.

Good luck maintaining the plugin after I am gone.

I'm doing a lot of work and will have close to nothing to show to future employers.

(BTW, if it were for the old Microsoft model of code source, I would have never become a programmer of any sort. God bless OSS)

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    Welcome on the ground. I hope you had a nice flight and enjoyed the sky - because you will not see it again for a looong time.
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    @Oktokolo idk about your specific industry but you can take my word: data science / ml would not be a thing withouth open source.
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    @brnrdo Most software-based industries heavily depend on open source one way or the other today. But greed and fear still prevail.
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