So we started using React with Polaris and Supabase and Vite and guess which one doesnt have very good documentation, all of then. Kill me like a command window task

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    So someone decided to use what's essentially a Postgres database with a fancy UI and API, an overengineered UI framework where you have <TextStyle variation="strong"> to replace something as simple as <strong>, and a shiny new bundler / dev server which promises to be super fast, but lacks tons of options and integrations provided by existing alternatives. Please tell me you're not working for some crypto start-up...
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    @hitko no im working for a Shopify startup, and Textstyle=strong, that sounds like Polaris over there hahah
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    Vite and react docs are great. Have you read any documentation from Google? Angular/google map/golang stuff? Also, vite is so much simpler than webpack
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    I like that, "kill me like a command window task".
    They all have tons of docs but are so convoluted it's still not enough. Try esbuild directly without the shit that vite piles onto it
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