Okay that's not a rant BUT I'm very grateful for whoever built Devrant. We definitely needed a safe space to be rude and just let it out without much filter.

To our toxicity 🥂

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    Imo It's not toxic to let the emotions out, I think It's toxic to tell people to keep it in
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    @Hazarth well you can let them out in a non violent way, which is not toxic, but also deeply unsatisfying and likely ulcer producing.

    devrant fixed that 😂
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    fucking agree
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    Blyat, I don't ever fucking curse or exaggerate shit... IRL. But devrant sure is a pressure release valve that also lets me rant about software issues to people who can respond accordingly. That is how it feels to be Mr. Hyde?
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    Cheers to our toxicity you dimwit ='D !
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    ❤️ devRant
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