Web developers I'm doing a quick poll for a story in writing and I'm curious what development platforms do you use and why do you use it? This can be a CMS platform like WordPress or rails for a web application or even weebly for a WYSIWYG. just curious how you all think and why. Thanks in advance!

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    If I ever create a website, Ill do it with Chyrp. Very lightweight, unkown and simple CMS :)
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    for me and my company it depends on functionality and goals. we deal with mostly small business websites so we design custom themes for either WordPress or Joomla depending on what the client wants.

    of course if a client comes up to us and wants something very custom we don't bother with a CMS because it just gets in the way.
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    @SnowyLoli for custom work do you have a preferred go to platform for websites?
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    @Oceas "custom" for us means functionality outside either CMS scope or plugins. in which case we build a PhP based platform ourselves. if you'd like hit me up on Kik (@SnowyLoli) and I'll happily go into depth on some projects
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    I work in Mena region,
    It debends on
    1- client choice.
    2- hosting.
    Mostly clients ask for WordPress (themes ,plugins , api)
    else if the project is website with no special needs i'll go with codeigniter,else with laravel especially web applications,
    if real time go with nodejs sail framework ...
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    @SnowyLoli thanks when I meant platform I properly meant if you had a go to framework such as rails. but a custom php application is also interesting
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    @Oceas very rarely do we do custom applications since pretty much always "there's a plugin for that"
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