Should have asked for forgiveness instead of permission, it should have been an easy two line fix to unblock a developer trying to access a node in a different region in our testing environment.

Instead I’m being ordered on high to play messenger between two people like a pair of teenagers sitting at the dinner table telling mom to tell Jimmy to pass the salt instead of just asking Jimmy directly, and now people want to get on zoom and talk about it.

Just PR the IAM template change, approve it if it’s fine and let me get on to something that isn’t literally babysitting someone’s AWS access ffs.

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    You get ordered to be high, on job? Wow. On god?
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    @melezorus34 The devil is a lie?

    But uh that should have been “FROM on high”.

    Of course if boss ordered me to get high, well, jokes on him. I’m always high.
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