I've sent the email for the stickers, but I got no reply, is that fine?

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    Sure I'm not in a hurry, I'm just asking if you got any reply or just the stickers delivered after a while :)
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    @7Raiden I got a reply. But I think it was a few days after I sent the email, so just be patience.
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    @OnlyBytes Ok cool, I sent my email 2 weeks ago, but I probably messed up something :) Just to be clear I'm not complaining just asking clarification, after all is free stuff ;)

    Was that supposed to be an email read by a human or something automatic? I mean, I wrote it as it was a normal email!
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    @7Raiden Mine got definitely red by a human, since I got a personalized answer referring to personalized stuff I wrote in the email.
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    @OnlyBytes Ok thanks ;) I'll be patient then :D
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