Dear fellow ranters, what do you guys do to stay motivated while developing projects?

I've recently figured out that whenever I'm developing on a large project I get side tracked a lot and eventually lose motivation to continue on it. A couple of possible reasons are:
- a jerk faced incompetent client who makes unreasonable requests

- redundancy in features that will hardly ever be used but are a must according to the bullwhack of a boss

- front-end dev on some design which looks like a shit pit of vomit and puss due to having no designer or someone more competent in it

There are plenty of reasons left to be named but those are my biggest.

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    Imagine the world as big pile of shit, with bugs as your boss/clients etc., and shit has undigested food too sometimes like magic ide to use, text editor to use, and think of yourself as the garbage/dirt cleaner, that's the best way to have the greatest motivation ever
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