Client company will only move to the cloud once they learn their competitor has, in fact, moved to the cloud. Way to compete guys.

You ain't shit.

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    Translation: "We have an aversion to change and are not financially viable enough to take a calculated risk that has documented financial and technological benefits. We cannot plan for more than two quarters a year. It would also be very damaging to our business model if our employees ever realized how fucked we would be without their late nights supporting our 40 year old platform."

    I think that about sums it up.
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    I'd love to be in the meeting when the announcement is made that you're moving into the cloud.

    "right everyone! I know that we've known that they were working on moving into the cloud for a few years now but they've now gone live. That means it's now time for us to start. Delivery in 2 weeks, yeah?"
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