Okay I'm doing the whole leetcode bs, interviewing with a faang like company.

I'm genuinely curious to see if their engineers are actually any good. It seems backwards to me to hire someone based on something they most likely know by heart.

It's like trying to stress test an API by calling a cached endpoint. It will look fast AF, and it will be, but it won't compute shit.

Anyway, if I get the job and the engineers aren't crappy, then I'll forever stfu about how lame this is. But if I get the job and the devs are crappy, oh boy you'll hear me for a long time.

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    My experience of a FAANG company: they're not much better than anywhere else. The baseline is higher, but they're not exceptional. there are at least fewer bad devs, but way bigger egos.
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    There are still bad devs. Some join on the management track, so they're not great devs but getting some dev experience so they'll be better tech managers.
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    Leetcode is good if your job will have you deal with those kind of things. Whatever you do at any one of those companies is likely not gonna be that though.
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