Some Romanian "Hacker" is trying to hack my forum xD

He tried to call the setup script for PhpMyAdmin, but I don't even have PhpMyAdmin installed because I use MongoDB xDDD

I'm lying on the floor laughing

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    Let's hope you've got username/password/firewall around that mongodb ;)
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    Of course! Btw I'm just installing fail2ban
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    Rule number one: Never let your PhpMyAdmin file (if existent) be accessible to anyone without auth.
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    You know what "brute force" scripts are, yeah? Same 'hacker' will be running the same script on a million domains looking for a hit. Chances are they'll get multiple. And someone won't have secured their DB properly.
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    @andros705 yeah, but that.s kind of irrelevant for you if he already fked up your website. Kiddy script or not, you don.t want to be a target
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    Script kiddy* or whatever the term is
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