Our company has internal webpage to request software, be it freeware or licensed.
Today, I found there "Software engineering bundle" designated for "software developers and data scientists who require advanced compute and data processing tools".
The software bundle contains PuTTY, 7-zip and Notepad++.

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    Sounds like some financial institution’s security policy where everything has to be vetted before installation. Been there done that. You want the install an update for your dev tools? Sure go ahead … oh wait you can’t because you don’t have admin rights on your own fucking development machine. Just open a ticket and our tech support will do it for you in a week or so! In the mean time just sit on your hands and wait.
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    @PappyHans We're network ops and currently going into an era, where not even IT dept wants to run installations for us. An yes, the software is governed through internal technical standards process approving/rejecting what can be installed.

    Fortunately not all the channels are completely cut off yet.
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    security often does not come along with user friendliness. but paired with incompetence or delays it's just a pain in the ass :/
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    Once a CSO told me that the best security is the one that’s there but you’re not aware of it. Stopping employees do their duties is not justified. There is hardware management tools where you can preconfigure workstations based on role, needs and what not, plus giving access to critical company systems on the basis of least permissions needed to get the job done limits the possibility of a disaster significantly. On top of that devs and the likes need more rights on their workstations period.
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    @PappyHans by this logic we would not have anything as officially we're operations and not considered developers from the company point of view. But the official designation, does not stop them from expecting us to automate and prepare custom tooling for our work.
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    @qwwerty a simple evaluation is needed to determine what you need to achieve and compared to what it says in your job description. If you can’t do something then it’s either not you job, or another evaluation needs to happen to either give you the proper tools or change your role expectations so they can justify such changes.
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