What web frontend library or framework do you recommend for the majority of web development projects and why?

Let's say you are a freelancer and you get all sorts of web dev jobs all the time from all sorts of customers.

Is there a go-to library for you, or is it "it depends" as all things CS are?

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    good question,

    I would probably stick with just one recent framework. Make some basic templates so that you can quickly show something to the client.

    If I had to pick one, I would go for Astro.build. (#noSponsor)

    Maybe not all customers wants to spend money to buy some nodejs hosting.

    So it is nice that you can also build plain html/js websites you can copy/paste on a cheap Apache server.
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    Bootstrap. It’s the numero uno UI framework for a reason
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    No framework, just html5/css3/vanillajs.

    Maybe a little bit of polyfills to get old browsers.
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