I’m a full stack developer, working with React. Also before this I used to be an OK hobby artist (for sketching and painting, that is), but man I SUCK at designing websites!! I don’t have that designer’s mind at all. At work that’s not an issue because we have guidelines and such, but when I’m doing free time projects it always looks so ugly and amateurish.

How can I improve, should I take some graphic design course, or is there some specific buzz word for graphic design on the web that I should look out for? How can I learn standards of margins, buttons, text and such in a good way. Some people just seem to have it in them already!

Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated!

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    what helped me: take just some random site which you think looks good and try to rebuild it
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    Forget clever design, as it overwhelms every other sphere in a jiffy.

    Return to basics: color theory, layouts... It's gonna be refreshing!
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    To quote someone famous. Design is not how it looks but how it works.
    So does it work nicely?
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    @hjk101 it works all right 😂
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    @vintprox I think I might actually!
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