Since this daily schedule stuff is catching on, here's my day!

- Wake up
- Work
- Eat breakfast
- Eat lunch
- Brush Teeth/floss
- Shower
- Work
- School (part time graduate school)
- Sleep
- Repeat
- Hate life for 2 more years

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    Replace “school” with both “homeschooling” and “housework” and you have my life. It’s wonderful. 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️
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    Almost a wk330 entry.
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    So... We brush after lunch?
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    @masterwayne nothing is preventing you
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    Nothing but general hygiene?

    Erase that first work shift and move that shower + brushing teeth right after breakfast. Alternatively, replace the work shift with morning sports. Your choice.
    Also,put another brushing teeth last thing before bed time.
    You should feel better within 3-5 weeks.
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