Working only four days a week. Gives you that one day to have actual fun.

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    i only _do_ work 4 days.

    every friday belongs to me, completely.

    best decision of my career, never going back to 5-day-servitude.
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    How does one work 4 days a week? Are you self-employed or did you manage to negotiate that? :)
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    @tosensei do you, like, ignore everything on Friday or you have an actual 4 day week?
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    I have a part time (80%) contract. Which ofc means 80% pay as well but it's still decent, more than I made full time a couple of years ago. (I think in the last project I was in I did more work in the four days I work than the rest of the full time guys so I could've just ignored the Friday tbh...) This way I can just turn off my work phone & work laptop till Monday without feeling bad about it.
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    @iiii i actually have a 4-day-workweek. friday, i either just relax or use for my personal projects (mostly photography-stuff)
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    Ok. What to do for two more days?
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    Yeah, did this. Would _very_ much recommend. Several close family members of mine also do this. I had to revert to 5 days a week to get a mortgage though... Dutch housing market is brutal for starters.
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