That slow realization that you're hitting burnout due to the toxicity of those in non-technical roles above you is wild. Also, Jira, Scrum, Sprints and all the extra bullshit can fuck right off as well.

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    You're in the right spot, but like, give us the deets! 👀
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    Yeah lol, the time when you already know you're approaching burnout but at the same time you're trying to squeeze all of your last backups of energy to try and calm down your corporate overlords so you can just survive until the weekend.

    It sucks, take it easy instead, you only live once

    also what @Archive said, more details! Part of what keeps us sane here is knowing how others suffer xD
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    This is a small agency that's aggressively scaling and wondering why staff are leaving when they're spending most of their day in Jira, Confluence and Scums. In the last 2 years, I've seen 2 seniors start and leave within 12 months. I've also seen a third who's been with the company for 10+ years jump ship.

    I started as a junior engineer but spent 90% of my time on the phones doing DNS and IT work rather than dev work. So now I have 2 years of "experience" and nothing to really show.

    I guess we're on the Fury Road now bby! #witnessMe!
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